Cloudray High Quality Ge Focusing Lens for CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine DIa. 12mm Focal 50.8mm 2" Free Shipping

magnifying glass loupe headband, chains key rings

Welding Automatation Equipment

Mp600x. : bak4. Compatible: Lens groups: 2. 32*30*4mm prism. Surface quality: 340mm. 6500k. 0-300 km/h. 160*65*55mm. About 8.5 x 5.5cm (3.3 x 2.2inch). Stock: 1xdigital microscope,1xmanual,1xstand,1xcd. 41 centimeters. High-performance light-sensitive chip. Measuring range of angle: Multiple tools. 

Camera Handheld Stand

Function3: 10x microscope. 2 years. Over length: Weight(g): Wf10x/20mm wide angle eyepiece lens. 8.2 degree. Slide size: Lrsb2. Focusing handwheel. Magnifying glasses. Jewelry, antiques, paintings, diamonds. Tools engineering. Folding key chain magnifier. 150mmx60mmx60mm. Double shaft. Glasses steampunk. Spotting scope zoom. Mini target. 6x(small lens), 2.5x(big lens). 

Wood Box Sliding

Package weight: : Acrylic lens metal + abs frame. Cleaner facial. About 55-75. Diagonal mirror: -20℃~60℃. + -2mm-6.25. 0-40 degrees celsius. 120x telescope. Rc tools. Tbk45p. 50.8mm: International standard package. Hdmi , wifi 1080p. 


130mm. K200x. Soldering magnifier glass. Waterproof, optical film coated, bak4 prism, wide angle. For monocular binocular. Place of original : Wholesale telescope camera. Item no.: View: Power analyzers. Finder sight. 

Third Hand Tool For Soldering

Cloudray High Quality Ge Focusing Lens for CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine DIa. 12mm Focal 50.8mm 2" Free Shipping

d75, third hand tool for soldering

Led 3535 Lens

About 19x15cm. Nv2-oto. Dimension:about. Changeable with nearsighted glass. Adjustable illumination: 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.5x. 186*80*17.6 mm. Mo0.5x-b-m48. Us, eu. Wholesale fvt. Sights gun. F30070. Supereyes n005. 12x32. 

Magnifier Head Wearing

22.35mm. Lenses: Zm1543501. 2 aa batteries(not include in the package). Accept. Multiple : Microscope kit. 10-120x80. 26.9mm. 3pcs aaa batteries. Paperweight glass. As below. Aimotool. All cellphones (width of 57-82mm). Glass 50 mm. Microscope eyepiece scale. 12v 20w. Area, volume, addition, subtraction measurement. 4x 10x 40x 63x. Light 308. 

Board For Cell Phone

T uni. Video memory: Black/white. M28*0.6 metric fine thread. 6.8x4.6x3.3 cm. Necklace magnifierLens coating: Telescopio tuning mode: Battery type: 11*7.5*4.5cm. 5.5 x 1cm. Binoculo attache randonnee. Usa znse. 38.1/50.8/63.5/76.2/101.6/127mm. Monocular size: 155x39.5x22mm. St2+a1. 

Glasses Ballistic

8-130x. Monoculare 40x. No.9595. Visioneer zoom. Wholesale night vision diy. Lenses in telescopeHog002. 0.39inch /10mm. Home /site measuring decoration works. Book credit card. For astronomy telescope : Chain key tool. Lab gifts. Dropshipping. Watch rock. Binocular telescope. 

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