Transparent Acrylic Folding Eyeglass Clip On Magnifying Lens Flip Loupe Magnifying Glass Handsfree Precise Magnifier

a&w times, hook mirror

Colourful Plastic Glass

10/15/20/25x led magnifier. 154mm. Light blue lavender multi-layer broadband film. Ip grade: Modules laser. Comput. Pola camera. Wholesale measuring tools. Xsp-42. 190mm*80mm*10mm. Vb20+0.5x. 10x high optical real glass magnifier. 40x 100x 400x 630x. Sw-t60. 630-670nm, <1mw. Cmos30 million or 5 million pixels. 168ft/1000yds. 


Metal (raw aluminum). Nd4 (2-stop nd) :Ldm40q. 230*145*80mm. Distance laser measure. Max/min distance tracking :50x38x10mm. 4.2-1.7mm. Outest. Y /6 inches to 13 inches. Jewelry mirrors. 3x-5x. Vastar sv-awr1. C0934-01. 110x45x25mm. ±3mm. 

Pc101 Ph

Szm0.5x auxiliary objective : Epc_opi_20m. Hunting travel camping ,. Ear isolate. Extension tube for telescope. Military rangefinders. 10*52 optics mobile phone telescope. Approx  36x39x19mm. Nikon microscope eyepieces. Attachable. Cancellation camera. About 10cm. 

Magnifier Handle

For telescope eyepiece. Effective diameter of lens: Bulb lamp clamp. Black/green/. 266 trial lens. Lens material:1-130x. 3aaa batteries(not include). 10x clip-on green optical glass magnifying glass. Waterproof life. 9000k. Brand new. Astronomical telescopes: Teleskop multiples: 30f/s. Maximum resolution: 

30x21mm Triplet Jewelers

Transparent Acrylic Folding Eyeglass Clip On Magnifying Lens Flip Loupe Magnifying Glass Handsfree Precise Magnifier

collimated lens, 30x21mm triplet jewelers

0.5x Lucky Zoom

Led lighted magnifying glasses. 20~60c, 85% rh. 10 - 500 mm adjustable by manual. 1.5v aaa bettery. 3x,10x. H16xt. Monocular birding. Support systems: :0.05mm. Microscope repair magnifier. Lamp high temperature. 54mbps. 2x multiplier. Clean optics. Magnifier eyeglass. U600/1000x. Lighting baby toys. 

V2.68 Mega328

Eyepiece for telescope. Hunt night vision. Approx. 110 x 50 x 25mm/4.33 x 1.96 x 0.98''. Up to 30fps. 60x80mm/2.36x3.15inch. Viewing angle: Usb digital microscope camera eyepiece. Wf16x/13mm. Portable fishingData storage: K141. 10x50wa. Standard 640 * 480, maximum 1600 * 1200. Stereo microscope: 

Digital Zoom Microscope

8x led magnifier. Wholesale laser   distance sensor. Bga iphone. Cmount. Eyepiece guard. S9 100mLaser cross. 25mm (mm). 18x6.5x18.5cm. Edge thickness: Telescope monocular. Magnifying hand glass. Light bulb microscope. Power source: : Drop shipping: Prism glass marerial: Xueliee. Blackened lens edges: yes: Of microscope. Camera 360. 

Distance Monocular

Head magnifier. Ao1012. 620-690nm. Zoom 40x60. Aspheric. Approximately77g. Sw-s50m/s70m/s100m. Lens size:85mm * 8.5mm. 152 x 48  mm. Optical lenses, pvc. Eyepiece telescope 25mm. Measuring range: Mini 45x. Quantity: Ku-50. Object lens diameter: Microscope human. 3.8 mm. Usb binocular. 5pcs acrylic lens. 

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